Let the journey begin!

About the V.E.R. program:​

Led by a diverse network of instructors and mentors from the social impact sector, this 5-month incubator brings a comprehensive and proven curriculum of business development to early-stage Black and Latinx social entrepreneurs.

From September 2020 to February 2021 our Fellows meet (virtually) with our amazing instructors for:

Ten development sessions include: 

  • Mission & Vision Setting

  • Program & Product Development 

  • Organizational Leadership 

  • Pilot Programming & MVP Design 

  • Technology Literacy

  • Financial Management & Budgeting  

  • Strategic Communication

  • Fundraising & Development 

  • Impact Measurement  

  • Diversity & Leadership Panel

Participants also receive​:

  • Access to industry panels and workshops

  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs  

  • $100 stipend for continued Professional Development 

  • Curated introductions and referrals for your business

  • A personal mentor to support the leadership journey

  • A culminating ‘KickBack’ celebration in February 2021

  • Access to Represented Foundation's network of volunteers

Interested in Volunteering?

Click here to apply as a Instructor or Mentor or Panelist for the Summer'21 Cohort 

Learn more about our Volunteer Service Programs here!

Meet the 


Rasheeda Mccallum - Black Chef Movement's mission is to fuel the fight against injustice in our communities through the preparation and distribution of healthy, nutrient-rich meal

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Our alumni leave the program​ with:

   Clarity: to prioritize and execute the next right steps for your company            


           Confidence: as a leader to attract the right partners or supporters for sustained growth    


                          Community: a diverse network of social impact leaders in your corner


the Mentors 

Yuna became a student of management through 10 years of managing inter-generational, multi-cultural and multi-departmental teams. In Guatemala, she successfully helped over 250 teachers scale-up a health education program in 21 public schools. She positioned leadership at each institute to translate a program concept into a fully operational program with milestones and key performance indicators. 


the Instructors

Luis Martinez, MSOL is an Afro-Latino from Honduras and raised in Brooklyn, New York with an M.B.A. in Organizational Leadership, Luis is an advocate, networker, and ecosystem builder. A Former Pro Basketball Player and U.S. Navy Veteran, currently he is the Founder/CEO for “We Tha Plug '' WTP works with Pan-African & Latinx founders and startups at all levels. (Ideation Phase to Pre-Seed & Series A Round). 

“--Unlike anything I've experienced. It's been invaluable. We still use those lessons to measure our success, today.”

— Karen, Co-Founder

Clinicians of the Diaspora

Spring 18' 

"I got to set aside the way that I would normally approach my business and be in a community that allowed me to learn and fail."

— Donte, Founder

We ROCC Intl

Spring 20'

Alums in the house

  • 6 leaders trained 

  • Working in anti-recidivism & health in communities of color

  • 10 volunteers delivered over 50 training hours

  • Over 50% of founders come from low-income backgrounds

  • ​​120+ individuals living healthier lives as patients of a wellness clinic

  • 5k grant and 2-year fellowship awarded for 1 founder within 3 months of finishing program

2018 Cohort

Since 2018 we’ve helped over 100 founders of color

launch or grow their companies