EVENT RECAP: "The Art of Accepting Help"

Key Takeaways from our Latest Workshop "The Art of Accepting Help" with Net Impact NYC

How Asking For Help Can Help Others

Thank you to Net Impact NYC for hosting our workshop last week, "The Art of Accepting Help." Keep reading for some of the key takeaways from the workshop.

Asking for Help: What’s Holding You Back?

Noel graciously shared his personal story and how he has struggled to help others in the past, including during a time in his life when he wasn’t able to be honest with himself regarding his sexuality and identity. He asked us all to think about how the messaging from our own family and society influence our ability to seek and receive help:

  • Martyr Syndrome- Someone who doesn’t say "No" when overwhelmed, wants to do it all independently

  • The Giver/Savior - Someone who takes care of everyone around them, but can’t receive help

Not Asking for Help Can Impact Others Besides You

When we don’t ask for help, we discourage others who need it from asking. We do not live in an equitable society. There are systems in place that by definition make some people more in need of help.

  • Ex. A woman of color may not want to ask for help in a room full of white males because she may feel as though she is already seen as standing out. However, if she doesn’t ask for help, she reinforces the norms dictated by her white, male colleagues

Asking for Help: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t offer unsolicited help

  • Don’t be vague with your request - ex. Don't ask to pick someone’s brain. Instead, ask for their experience about something specific

  • Don’t apologize - ex. Don't say, “I really hate to do this”, “If you do this, I’ll do this for you…”

  • Do communicate clearly, concisely, and confidently

  • Do simplify your request

  • Do communicate what you need and why

  • Do communicate in a personable way (in person, face to face, etc.)

  • Do follow up (What you don’t want: You asked me for help and I never heard from you again)

Historically, nonprofits were managed by wealthy white women who had the free time to participate in charitable work. This created an imbalance in the nonprofit sector that still needs to be addressed. This influences how we see those who give and receive help. Represented Foundation is actively working to address this imbalance.

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