Our Story

The idea for Represented Foundation was born in South Africa in 2008. That year our founder Noel was interning at a large NGO in Cape Town. Despite serving 100% people of color, Noel soon  realized he was one of few people of color on the staff, --shaping the way he thought about representation in leadership from an early age.  


After 10 years supporting teams at high-performing charities and a masters in nonprofit management, Noel founded Represented Foundation in 2018. By offering the right support and training to founders of color, Represented is changing the face of social impact leadership.

People of color comprise nearly 1/3 of the US population

and represented only 13% of leadership roles in social impact

Our Mission

Eradicate the diversity deficit in social impact leadership


Our Vision

A world where all people enjoy social, economic and educational success


Noel McKenzie,


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Jasmine Bowles,

Board Director

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Thomas Moore, III

Board Chair

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Vicky Checo

Board Treasurer

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Calvin Smith,

Board Secretary

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